Local Well-Being Plan

Gwynedd & Anglesey Well-Being Plan

Our vision as a Public Service Board is to work together to ensure that our communities thrive and are prosperous in the long term.  The aim of the Well-being Plan is to set out how we are going to achieve this and make a real difference to the lives of the residents of Anglesey and Gwynedd.  As public service providers we will work together to achieve a common ambition for the whole region. 

The individual organisations will continue to provide services which will deliver their own well-being objectives as well as contribute to the well-being objectives of the Public Services Board.  Engaging with communities is core to the success of the plan and the Board commits to providing clear guidance in order to reach its objectives.

We have strong and proud communities with a tradition of helping each other and working together. The role of these communities will be central to delivering the well-being objectives which have been set out in this plan. 

The objectives, and steps to deliver them, once finalised, should be linked and support each other due to their cross-cutting nature. All members of the Board should be able to play their full part in achieving what we expect from the plan.

To read the well-being plan for 2023-28 follow the link below. 

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